Introducing myself to you!

Hi fellow smart contract people.
I am Tony Gair, I’m taking part in the forthcoming hackathon! I’m based in South Shields, England


Hi Tony, welcome to the forum and best of luck for the hackathon!

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Hi Tony, thanks for joining! Excited to see what our hackathon participants come up with! Let us know how your learning experience goes and how we can help.

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Hi Tony, excited to see you what you’ll be creating!

thanks for the encouragement Guys! its really appreciated.

Quick non daml question - how important is.the privacy regarding your Resume/CV. Can you also include your nationality. Thank you!

Hi Tony - could you give me more context regarding privacy on resume / cv? Are you talking about uploading the CV to devpost ?

Hi Max- my apologies, I was talking about what I wanted to do with my hackathon. And thats improve the privacy and veracity of resumes/CV’s and references.

No worries at all. And I see, were you asking in general regarding our preference on privacy with our CVs?
As for me, I don’t really have any preference, I assume recruiters would share it, friend may share them with friends of friends, etc.

Resumes are intrinsically made to be shared, so I would not expect much in terms of privacy.

If you are considering building a platform that collects and redistribute resumes, though, as with any kind of user-supplied data, I would be very upfront about what you will do with them and who you will be sharing them with. It’s probably a good idea to bear in mind that resumes will often contain PII, so that’s perhaps something you want to look into.

Arguably, you could avoid the PII issue by explicitly not recording them and instead providing anonymized resumes, which may actually be better for all sorts of other (bias-related) reasons, too.

hi ,
I am new bee to DAML. I encountered the below error message while trying out to build a new smart contract template.

damlc: ScenarioServiceException “Failed to run java: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-11.0.12\bin\bin\java: readCreateProcessWithExitCode: does not exist (No such file or directory)”

SDK version

SDK versions:
1.16.0 (project SDK version from daml.yaml)

Java version at my end:

and I have already defined JAVA_HOME path in the environment variable of my windows desktop.

What could be causing this error. Can someone help me out here.

Hi @rajesh,

In the future, it is easier for us if you create new topics for new questions.

These sorts of issues are a bit tricky to diagnose at a distance, but one thing that I noticed is the path that gets printed:

C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-11.0.12\bin\bin\java

That extra \bin seems a bit strange. Could you open up the C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-11.0.12 folder in the Windows Explorer and double-check whether you do indeed have two nested bin folders there? If not, I would suspect some issue with the value of JAVA_HOME, where you would have included the \bin in it and the tooling expects to be able to find java at %JAVA_HOME%\bin\java, or something along those lines.

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Hi Gary,

Thank you for the quick response. I updated the java_home with the correct path. I got this issue fixed. I got a new issue, I will post it as new question.

Apologize for having my previous question posted in old chain thread.

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Congratulations @tonygair Good to see another Daml’er. Keep at it, it only gets more interesting :grinning:

Any issues, please contact the community in the forum. Also, have you read the excellent Beginners learning materials put together by @anthony? You can find it at Anthony’s Awesome Assistance.