Practicing being a joiner so introducing myself instead of lurking. Hello

I’m a new software engineering bootcamp grad who is desperate to start my (second) career after recovering from 10+ years in investment banking finance and operations, and various relationship management roles.
I’m obsessed with the possibilities of blockchain technology so I’m diving in with DAML.


Hi Sonja!
Happy to see you posting here! I’m Max, from the Developer Relations team - Excited for your Daml journey. If you run into any questions / blockers, don’t hesitate to post on the forum, we’re always eager to help :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Daml developer forum @Sonja :wave:

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Hi @Sonja welcome to the forum :wave:t2:

Go here for a great overview of all Daml learning.

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Welcome to the forum @Sonja! looking forward to see what you use Daml for

Welcome to the Daml community @Sonja; we’re delighted you’re here!

The hardest step in joining any community is lurking -> introducing, so congratulations!

We are looking forward to seeing you here and answering any questions, large or small.