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If you have a question about anything Daml-related like the language, forum, ledgers, tooling, apis, Daml Hub, or anything else please ask it here. Make sure your questions are specific, actionable, and address a problem you face. This can include error messages, questions on how a thing works, and why it works that way.

Canton Network

Canton Network uses new multi-domain features of the Canton protocol to create networks among Canton implementations and to allow any Canton implementation to link to a global public Canton synchronization domain. Use this category to ask questions about the Canton Network and multi-domain Canton protocol.

New to Daml

Everybody is new to Daml at some point. Whether you are struggling with the installation or you just can’t figure out why you are not seeing the results or awesomeness everybody else seems to be talking about, this is the place to start!


Daml and DA related news you need to know will be posted by admins here. If you’ve written a Daml Tutorial or Guide please submit it to the #news:tutorials-and-guides subcategory.

Tutorials and Guides

Post your tutorials and guides on how to do things with Daml here


Share your side projects (no spam), compare Daml to other languages/tech stack, show off pictures of your pets, whatever doesn’t fit in other categories goes here.

Introduce yourself

Introduce yourself, who are you, what do you do, what do you want to do? Open ended, just say hi!

Daml Jobs

Even with the tremendous growth of Daml developers in this community, finding and hiring the best talent in the Enterprise Blockchain space is not easy. Common feedback across our partners and customers is that hiring continues to be one of your top concerns. The Daml Job Board provides a space for companies to find the Daml talent they need.
The Daml Job Board, is a place where only Daml Customers. Partners and Daml Forum members can post and manage job listings for anyone to view and submit their interest directly to you using your existing job hiring tools and processes.