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If you have a question about anything Daml-related like the language, forum, ledgers, tooling, apis, Daml Hub, or anything else please ask it here. Make sure your questions are specific, actionable, and address a problem you face. This can include error messages, questions on how a thing works, and why it works that way.


Daml and DA related news you need to know will be posted by admins here. If you’ve written a Daml Tutorial or Guide please submit it to the #news:tutorials-and-guides subcategory.

Tutorials and Guides

Post your tutorials and guides on how to do things with Daml here


Share your side projects (no spam), compare Daml to other languages/tech stack, post Daml-related work/job requests, show off pictures of your pets, whatever doesn’t fit in other categories goes here.

Introduce yourself

Introduce yourself, who are you, what do you do, what do you want to do? Open ended, just say hi!