Daml learning materials and resources

  • Install Daml Connect: If you’re going to try Daml on your computer you’re going to need the toolkit.

  • daml.com/learn: Try out Daml right in your web browser, everything from basic concepts to full end to end application deployments.

  • docs.daml.com: Find all the info, getting started guides, and in-depth docs on the daml language here but if you spend more than 5-10 minutes on it come back to the forum and ask.

  • An introduction to Daml: Ready to get to developing your own Daml applications? Start with the chapters in “An introduction to Daml” and also make sure to reference “Good design patterns” which helps clear up how to structure Daml applications and interactions between parties.

  • Daml Cheat Sheet: A quick reference to all the Daml basics.

  • Canton: Allow your Daml smart contracts to interoperate across nodes regardless of the platform they’re running on.

  • youtube.com/DamlDriven: Watch our developers code live, explain Daml concepts, and learn where Daml is currently used.

  • discuss.daml.com: That’s this place, a growing and friendly community that is more than happy to help you in your journey with learning Daml. Check out #questions if you have technical questions.

  • daml.com/certification: Get certified in Daml!

  • hoogle.daml.com: Use it just like Haskell’s Hoogle to search for functions by their type definition.

  • digitalasset.com/services: If you’re interested in Daml from an Enterprise perspective or want to figure out if it’s right for your business then check out digitalasset.com/services and feel free to reach out on the contact form.


Thanks @anthony, very valuable links to start with! :partying_face: