I’m a Senior Technical Architect leading performance testing and tuning for a complex system heavily reliant on DAML applications. Mostly focused on operation and technology, not development. I have a Java/Scala developer background, so also trying to pick up DAML though I don’t have a specific goal in mind.


Welcome to the Daml forum, David! We’re always happy to have new people join the community and we hope you’re having a good time with Daml.

If you have any question feel free to open a new topic, we are happy to help, although you can expect the forum to be a little bit less active over the weekend. :wink:

Happy Daml’ing!

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Welcome to the forum! If you haven’t seen it yet we have a bunch of resources for learning Daml in this thread and as @stefanobaghino-da mentioned a lot of people who are happy to help answer questions. The forum’s search function is also quite good. Enjoy!