Introduction of DAML by @Andreas_Lochbihler given as Guest Lecture HSR Rapperswil

:arrow_forward: Here is a great introduction to DAML by @Andreas_Lochbihler given as Guest Lecture on #DAML at HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil. Here is the lecture:

#Smartcontract platforms promise to facilitate writing #distributed applications that span multiple organizations, thus breaking down information silos. Still, they tend to suffer from #scalability, #authorization and #privacy problems.

DAML abstracts the underlying implementation details so you can just focus on getting to market faster. Built in simulation #tools and a strong type system means that you can be sure that the #application is doing exactly what you expect it to. #Code written in DAML is also easier to maintain, so you can rapidly iterate on your application once it’s running.

Some of the slide used by @Andreas_Lochbihler:

Here is a classic smart contract model:

Here is an explanation of what is DAML and his storage layer agnosticity

And here why Haskell explanation

Let us know what do you think about this lecture and great job @Andreas_Lochbihler again!


This lecture was part of Farhad Mehta’s course on Programming Languages and Formal Methods. A really good fit for explaining DAML’s domain-specific extensions of Haskell, which was the main topic of the rest of the course.

Big thanks to @Martin_Huschenbett for preparing the bikeshop programming example.


I knew that this :bike: :bike: illustration was coming from @Martin_Huschenbett, great job guys!

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I just saw this in YouTube and found it is really a GREAT class! Thanks @Andreas_Lochbihler for the detailed explanation. I have rewritten the example and make it with 1.9.0, both the code and test script. Good for those who wish to learn DAML through example, and for quick demo about DAML.



Thanks for the nice words. I’m glad that this is useful. If you want to, you could post (a link to) your updated DAML model so that others can benefit from your updates.


Yes, it would be great @kctam


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