1st step done / Intro

Never committed to any serious coding or employment, but love learning about new things. (Especially linux, pure functional language basics, cybercrime etc.)

Haven’t touched “crypto” since BTC about a decade ago when the tx costs were horrible, but have recently become interested in learning a smart contract type language. Had not of DAML and was originally looking at Solidity but was drawn here after reading it was like Haskell (which i read several books on).

Here’s my screenshot as suggested. On NixOS and had to install a hacky way so hopefully i can write a workable derivation for the DAML SDK and get the binaries in my store $PATH before moving on too much lol. (I don’t see it in Nixpkgs or NUR)


Hi Json (Clever name), welcome to the community!

Looking forward to seeing what you’ll be building!

In relation to not seeing it in Nixpkgs or Nur for Linux, it is not anywhere but the Digital Asset repositories, installable using the curl -sSL https://get.daml.com/ | sh or the manual system install.

+1 on the clever name :laughing: