Greetings From New Zealand

Hi DAML community!

I’m happy to have found this innovative language and growing community. Am looking forward to learning more about DAML and how it can help me understand, develop and support Smart Contracts.

I’m not a Developer but probably should have been, however I got sidetracked :thinking:

Thank you for reading, Quid Agis.


Hi, welcome! Looking forward to see what you’ll come up with, if you feel like sharing. Happy Daml’ing!


Awesome, check out if you want to go through all the resources we have available (learn, docs, and this forum are probably best for starting out).

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Over the weekend, I read through every Introduction and subsequent reply, and there is a diverse range of experience, knowledge and cultures from across this Pale Blue Dot.

Awesome & inspiring :+1:t2:

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Glad you enjoyed going through all the Introductions :slight_smile: