Hello from Topl

Hey y’all, my name is Nick and I’ve been busy at work testing Daml contracts and taking things a step further by trying to integrate the Ledger-on-X example into our own blockchain. We have been in talks about integrating Daml fully for our off-chain smart contract solution at Topl https://www.topl.co and are excited about what we have seen so far. As our blockchain is written in Scala, integration has been pretty smooth so far.

I first heard about Daml about 2 years ago at a meetup in Austin, and have been watching from the sidelines ever since. If you are interesting to see what I/Topl has been working on, you can look at our Driver repo here: https://github.com/Topl/daml-on-bifrost. Fair warning, it is in a rough testing state so don’t critique too hard. Any advice or suggestions would be more than welcome though.

Thank you for time, and if anyone wants to talk further about what I or Topl is doing and take a deep dive into technical topics or implementations, I am available any time for a chat.


Welcome to the community Nick! Nice to see a recent driver implementation from outside DA!

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Welcome @Aelpheris :wave: Great to see the work on Daml driver!

Congratulations @Aelpheris this looks like a great Technology project and I really admire the overall mission. Please feel free to drop back with an update, perhaps some pics and live use cases.

I would love to see more about this :+1:t2: :star_struck: