Introducing myself

Hello Daml community,
My name is Lamar Gheljai and I live in Sweden.
I code in soldiity/rust atm.
I’m surprised to see that Daml is way more fun than I’

ve expected.

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Hey @growtogether, congrats on completing the “getting started”, glad to hear you enjoyed the experience.

Welcome to the forum!

Hey Lamar - Welcome! I’d be interested to hear how you find the experience after you have been at it for a bit, If you get the opportunity I’d love it if you filled out a brief survey as it will help us better serve your exact needs.

In the meantime - I think you will find the community and the members here to be extremely knowledgeable and responsive so don’t be shy with questions or comments and thanks again for joining!!

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Welcome to the Daml community Lamar, great to have you here!

Hi @growtogether, can you please open a new thread in the question category for that, ideally with the full code you’re using? We’ll make sure to take a look at it.

Hello from Zimbabwe, my name is Innocent. I am learning about smart contracts using daml, happy to be here


Hello, Innocent, welcome to the Daml forum, looking forward to your next app! :tada:

Welcome to the forum! Feel free to ask us any questions :slight_smile: