Hello daml community! 1st Screen Shot App. : )


Congrats, and welcome to the community!

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Congratulations @ErikRdin Good to see another Daml’er. Keep at it, it only gets more interesting :grinning:

Any issues, please contact the community in the forum. Also, have you read the excellent Beginners learning materials put together by @anthony? You can find it at Anthony’s Awesome Assistance

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Awesome! Welcome to the community, so glad you’ve shared your first step with all the Daml’ers here.

As @quidagis mentioned, do checkout the beginners learning material. Soon you’ll be able to build some pretty cool stuff.

If you’re also starting a project on your own, let us know what you’re building and we can certainly try and help. We’re all eager to see what other Daml’ers are building.

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