Greetings from a newcomer

Hi all! How are you?

My name is Victor and I find out daml a few days ago. Thanks to MagnaD (
This company invited me to the interview and sent me the first materials regarding this fascinating technology.
I had some awareness of smart contracts before but this time I did a big step forward to creating them on my own. I have a development background and I can’t help myself thinking about serializing society with government, legal, financial systems, and marketplaces on a distributed ledger using daml.
But first things first. I started from the basics: templates, contracts, parties, controllers, and so on.
I hope I will find a place in MagnaD team for fruitful collaboration.

Stay in touch and take care!



Hey Victor, welcome to the community, looking forward to your first Daml project! :tada:

Hi Victor, welcome to the community!

Welcome to the Daml community Victor!