6 months working with DAML


I’ve been working with DAML for the last 6 months and I have done very interesting stuff with it. I shared my experiences with the platform on a blog post here My thoughts after 6 months working with DAML: A Smart Contract Language if you are interested.

I hope it is useful,



Hi Edmundo,

Thanks for that writeup, it’s ever so interesting and useful to see how users experience our software.

We’ll make sure to take your feedback into account in our roadmap and backlog. Some of it, improving development workflows with multiple packages in particular, is already on our roadmap. Appreciate your patience working through the rough edges there.

Just out of interest, are you able to share what you are working on?

I’m working in integrating it to a blockchain (https://www.topl.co/). The code is open source. Here is the integration layer (our broker) Topl DAML Broker | Topl DAML Broker and some demos we have written with it GitHub - Topl/daml-demos: A collection of examples to show functionality and features of DAML contracts on the Topl blockchain

For the moment most of the code is proof of concept but we have managed to do some interesting stuff.