Hello from Sydney!

Hey everyone,

A belated introduction as I have been on here for a few months. I’m Huw Grano and work for the ASX developing DAML applications for ASX’s DLT Application Marketplace. I’m a functional programmer at heart, and have a fair amount of Haskell experience from side projects, as well working as a Scala dev previously. DAML has been awesome, great to see a commercial application of functional programming! Looking to expand my knowledge of DLT, smart contracts etc.! If anyone is interested I have some (somewhat experimental) Haskell projects on Github hgrano · GitHub.



Hey Huw, it’s nice to get to know better our community members and we’re all very excited to see ASX’s Daml-based stack coming to life, looking forward to all the great things to come! Happy Daml’ing!


Great to have you join us here Huw!


Hi Huw, welcome!

Always nice to see a talented lurker come forth :+1:t2:

Must be interesting to be working in one of Daml’s high-profile transition projects, CHESS → Daml? Is there a public timeframe for the ASX’s DLT Application Marketplace or are these going to be internal customers only?

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Hey @quidagis :relaxed:, the marketplace will be targeting mostly external customers but also internal customers such as CHESS. The goal is to be a new business line for the ASX. A little surprising, but I am not working on CHESS directly, but instead mostly working on external facing applications. Don’t quote me on timelines but we’re looking at end of this year to get prod environments up and running.

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Thanks for the candour, really looking forward to seeing what a Daml’ed Stock Exchange looks and operates like :+1:t2:

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