Stephen Compall, from the Functional Scala side

Hello all,

I’m a developer at Digital Asset, working mainly on DAML-LF, the sandbox, and the JSON API. My day-to-day is pretty much all Scala, all the time, typing on one of these keyboards.

I like to think I have some reputation in the Scala community for my articles about practical application of type systems, mainly in Scala but considering other languages occasionally. If you are a Scala developer, I think you will find them useful: some on my personal blog, some on the Typelevel blog. I am also a Scalaz developer.

DAML occupies all kinds of excellent areas of the smart contract language design space, both syntactically and semantically; my wish is for you to think “hey, this is pretty nice” while using it and the tool ecosystem with which we have surrounded it.



Welcome @Stephen to the forum :wink: Great to have you here!

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