Hello! A new comer in the DAML world!

This is KC Tam, a never stop learner and having spent some time in blockchain platforms like Fabric and Ethereum. The approach DAML handles digital asset interests me recently. And happy to learn more from all of you.


Hey @kctam. I read your article on DAML yesterday and greatly enjoyed it. Do you have any insights/feedback from your research that you could share? Anything we could change in our docs or SDK that would have made your experience better?


Welcome to the forum KC! Really enjoyed your article, it’s an excellent breakdown of the concepts behind DAML.

Question, are there concepts within DAML that you found were easy to understand and reason about, and conversely were there any that you found difficult?

Welcome to the community KC!

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Welcome @kctam :clap: Did you tried out the learning tutorials? Might be an easy way to start learning new features of DAML in your browser.

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Thanks. I follow most of my study in this and DAML provides a very good documentation and tutorial sets. Currently I’m more exploring the language itself, and later will touch on more about how it lands in various platforms, in particular, I’m more interested in the value of other DLT platforms contributing to DAML. Currently I have my own opinion but will explore more once I get there.