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Here’s a blog post I wrote about how RPA (robotic process automation) + DAML can be combined to be greater than the sum of the parts! CaptureFast, a product that processes documents, recently integrated with DAML so this idea was triggered by that integration.

Feedback is very welcome.



Thank you @ManishGrover it was very thorough and informative.

I have experimented with TagUI RPA Library written in Python, sponsored and supported by the AI Singapore Makerspace but written by Ken Soh.

One of the key attractants to me is the Open Source nature of this library, as it allows rapid experimentation without signing up to or engaging with any vendor RPA platform. TagUI is an extensible, and flexible tool.

It is interesting to think about the Health system behind the process that you articulated, and clearly it is well-defined, mature and under constant development, unlike New Zealand, as a whole. I wonder if the use of Daml, RPA and Open Source could drive faster innovation in smaller nation Health systems, than the current adhoc, piecemeal vendor approaches?

Do you have any operational feedback from this process? :thinking:

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Hi @quidagis , the use of Daml in my post was to show how privacy and compliance needs can be met 1) when multiple providers can share without having to share databases 2) when bigger entities (e.g. insurance firms) need significant tech / data transformation that can be improved with Daml.

TagUI is indeed a great tool for desktop automation that can be paired with Daml.

Daml is being used by Change Health and a video from them is available here.. That’s a great use case on transformation, and I’m sure RPA will also find a place in the grand scheme of things.

In my view you are absolutely correct that this combination of tools will drive rapid innovation. The degree will depend on how fragmented they already are, and how much different entities need to collaborate (and hence maintain data islands). I’m happy to discuss if you have a specific use case to brainstorm.


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