šŸ‘‹ from Singapore (and moving to London)

Hi Folks!

I just got to know about this forum while going through the docs.

I work in the digital process automation space and Iā€™m a fan of decentralised systems. I just got to know about DAML and this forum. Below are some of my open-source work -

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Getting Started - part 1


Welcome to the Daml developer forum @kensoh! Great to have you on board :grinning: And congrats for going through the GSG :clap::clap::clap:

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Very cool open source projects and nice looking screen there. :smile: Looking forward to hear more from you on your cool next Daml application. :tada:

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Hi Ken, great to see you make contact through the Forum.

TagUI is a great tool and the recent Python port is very interesting, especially since DA has some Python interactivity tools that work with the Daml Technology stack.

Keep going through the GSG :+1:t2: