Great blog post DAML #smartcontracts for enterprise data orchestration and analytics #1

Do you know how Smart Contracts Can Accelerate Your AI & Analytics Roadmap? Check this article out!

Top parts of this post for me where the diagrams, check those out and let me know what do you think:

Here is the data management for analytics without smart or with contracts:

And here is how the Gen.Flow Api based architecture works:

Great blog post @Guido! Looking forward to more.

More article on smart contracts/DAML/DABL/Java/Kotlin can be found here :point_down::

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Great post @Guido!

Any imputs on the Gen.Flow Api architecture or the data management for analytics without smart or with contracts @anthony, I would like to hear your thoughts on that?

Thank you @andreolf!

Hope to get some feedback from anyone! @Luis_Marado, wdyt too? :smiley:

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@Guido … enjoyed the blog! Any thoughts on how DAML contract layer would interact with data orchestration tools like Spark or Presto? Would it be a cooperative endeavor or are they essentially competing for the same outcome?


Why the focus on AI? Wouldn’t this be broadly applicable to any sort of data sharing within an organization?

Hi @anthony! Indeed, it’s applicable to any data sharing in the organization. We’ve focused on AI in the post because having a DAML layer with the golden source of truth available allows for easier AI applicability. So instead of having data analysts gathering data from all sorts of databases, reconciling, cleaning and then applying algorithms, it’s quite the opposite, the data is already in one place and you just have to apply algorithms. “Bring algorithms to data and not data to algorithms” :slight_smile:


Thanks @corey.todaro! :smiley: To be honest, we do not aim to “replace” any other technologies that an organization may have “in-house” but, in fact, we can replace technologies like Spark or Presto, or even more “traditional” middleware products like TIBCO, for instance. In the end, Gen.Flow can be just a DAML layer, providing a golden source of truth and cooperating with all others.


Thanks again @Guido, I understand that the goal is not to replace. Would be interesting to sketch out a cooperative instance where DAML works along-side a traditional data orchestration tool.