My genesis Block in the community :)

Hi fellow members .

I am an SDE ( in fintech applications ) and researcher in the field of Decentralised Ledger tech , crypto and information security . my interest in DAML stems from the numerous resources that i saw in conferences ( specially the newsletters , shoutout to @anthony ) d the development of the unifying ecosystem for the enterprise usecases and the integration with the variosu public and private permissioned ecosystems . will be happy to collaborate with the DAML / DABL engineering teams concerning an project i have been working on . and please feel free to reach out for the links / any guidance that you guys need in the field of DeFI and development of the projects




Welcome to the forum @GrandGarcon!

Welcome @GrandGarcon :partying_face:

It is great to have you in the forum and as DAML community member!

I am interested to hear more about your project, could you explain it briefly?

Hi @GrandGarcon , +1 to hearing about your project. Now you’ve made us curious :wink: .

Did you meet @anthony at one of the Hyperledger meetups?

thanks @cocreature for the greetings and also for the smart contract examples , i wanted to have detailed discussion regarding the possiblity to collaborate with the project members , will it be possible to have an dev meeting ( either office hours / dev sprint of the community ot one to one ) so that we can discuss . thanks

Thanks @andreolf and @bernhard
well on higher understanding , we want to provide an ML enabled SaaS to aid users to develop smart contracts and manage their contract lifecycle , from giving suggestions from development of the contracts , doing the necessary diligences , and then in later stages , making an chatbot enabled search engine for answering general queries for the tech support .

I had contacted Mr Ezra and Anthony last year for an demo , as i wanted to get more insigghts about this initiative to integrate enterprise ecosystems / permissioned blockchains with an language that drives its modularity functional programming . also i did demo’s on deploying basic contracts on dabl , which also is another great component sAAs FOR daml ecosystem .

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Welcome to the forum Dhruv! Great to hear from you again and congrats on your Discuss DAML genesis block :slightly_smiling_face: