Great blog post mentioning DAML

This is a great post from @gyorgybalazsi mentioning DAML. Check it out :point_down: :arrow_double_down:

Different topics were discussed like:
:point_right: Why is DAML a good fit?
:point_right: DAML and innovation
:point_right: DAML for execution
:point_right: DAML apps
:point_right: Supply chain management example
:point_right: Business potential of DAML

TL;DR: the DAML smart contract platform is a strong contender for implementing the Central Nervous System of a company, which wants to excel in innovation and execution at the same time.


By the way @gyorgybalazsi I enjoyed reading the part on the supply chain example.

We have a meetup coming up just on this topic, organized by @ManishGrover, maybe he can tell something more :thinking:

here is the meetup flyer:


In this meetup we are talking about some exciting concepts beyond end to end procurement and delivery of inventory. This is based on a reference app developed by Innover using DAML.

Weโ€™ll cover the topic of demand sensing, as well as aligning supply side dynamics with it. The fact that DAML can help multiple networks interoperate makes that a possibility now.

Hereโ€™s an article in Supply Chain Brain that DA and Innover published last week on this topic:


Great @ManishGrover.

@gyorgybalazsi feel free to sign directing here in our new fresh eventโ€™s page :arrow_double_down:


@ManishGrover seems the link is not working anymore