Video of the DAML Supply Chain Webinar is out!

Missed our last webinar? Here is the recording:

Also, check out the Innover’s blog post on supply chain and Covid-19 application: Built a distributed application for supply chain using DAML in 4 weeks

In this DAML Webinar, we’ll take you through an exciting journey of how our guests Innover Digital set out to make a #supplychain #blockchain app to speed up health supplies procurement during #Covid19 and stumbled upon a much broader demand-supply matching problem.

The latencies in demand sensing and supply replenishment cause several problems for not only healthcare players, but across the entire value chain for retailers, manufacturers, and their suppliers.

We’ll show how a combination of smart contracts DLT, AI, and digital is a great way to meet these supply chain challenges.

:mag_right: Agenda:

  1. Overview of the supply chain challenges
  2. The problem of demand-supply matching
  3. How we built the health supplies procurement app:
    a) Zero to functioning business layer in 3 days
    b) Creating a full-stack app by building a mobile responsive front end

:speaking_head: Speakers:

  1. Rakesh Prasad, VP Digital, Innover
  2. @Arvind_Rao , Solutions Architect, Innover
  3. @Levente_Barczy, Client Engineer, Digital Asset
  4. @ManishGrover, Head of Channel & Solutions, Digital Asset

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