DAML Smart Contracts in a Covid-19 diagnostics app

:fast_forward: Here is a blog post from @bartcant explaining their #Covid19 solution using DAML #smartcontracts and W3C verifiable credentials. Check it out :arrow_down:

The use of #DAML smart contracts allows Rethink Ledgers to configure privacy and data safety as appropriate.

Also if you are interested you can register here for the webinar coming up next week on this topic. In this webinar, we will discuss key issues that have emerged around diagnostic testing data management, privacy, and appropriate response management including supply chain planning and logistics.

The speakers will be @bartcant, Riley Hughes, @corey.todaro, @ManishGrover.

Any questions for the speakers? :interrobang:


Thanks @andreolf for the shoutout. Looking forward to the discussion and demo on the webinar


Also looking forward to it!

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