Looking for DAML and Hyperledger developers for nature-based data monitoring solution

Hello - I am co-founder of a startup that is building an outcome-driven data monitoring and verification platform for natural capital assets such as biodiversity, carbon etc. After having looked at private and public blockchains we are convinced that private blockchains are the way to go and would like to use DAML and Hyperledger for the purpose. We would like to speak with experienced DAML and Hyperledger developers that have built institutional-grade solutions that can scale. Any experience with building blockchain solutions for green bonds, asset monitoring, supply chain or carbon markets would be a plus.

Hi Aditya,

Thanks for reaching out. Iā€™m a Business Development rep at Digital Asset and will happily organise an introduction. Before speaking to our developers, it would be great to organise a quick call so we can get a better understanding of your project.

Please let me know some convenient times for a 30 minute call and the best email address to reach you on and I will get something set up.



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