Open sourcing our work - looking for ideas, feedback etc.!

Hey there! We at Synfini are creating some open source Daml libraries here, which we thought the community might find useful. We’d love to hear any feedback/suggestions, or let us know if they might of use to you! Daml is quite a small community and has a smaller set of libraries available than compared to more established technologies, so it made sense to start open sourcing some of the work we have been doing.

We are currently have two library repos. One is designed to be a standard library for non-fungible tokens - GitHub - SynfiniDLT/daml-nft: Daml smart contract library for non-fungible tokens . The other is for modelling account hierarchies for custody networks - GitHub - SynfiniDLT/account-hierarchy: Daml smart contract library for asset custody and account hierarchies . We’re also adding example/demonstration projects as well.

We are using the FinLib as a dependency where we can, as this seems to be the only standard library available for fungible tokens. For example, in our account hierarchy project. Also looking at adding DvP capability to the NFT library using FinLib. We hope the community can build to some common standards to allow for greater interoperability and composability of Daml apps :slight_smile:


Thanks for open sourcing this! Exciting to see more Daml libraries out in the wild!


Hey @huw

It’s great to see these libraries being open-sourced! In fact, we are working on a revamp of our financial libraries, which is planned to go into early access with the SDK 2.4 release (~mid Aug). I’d love take a deeper dive into your work and see how your libraries could be made compatible with what we’re releasing. Feel free to PM me your details here on the forum, so I can get in touch, if you’re interested in discussing.

Regards, Georg

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