How do you use DAML?

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Hello DAML friends and fans! For those who I haven’t met, my name is Talia and I am a Product Manager at Digital Asset. That means I get to spend my days thinking of all the cool things we can do with DAML. The use cases that I’m most interested in these days are around sustainable finance and looking to see how we can use DAML to make the planet safer and more hospitable for all of its inhabitants. I was particularly inspired on this topic after attending a Blockchain for Social Good conference last year.

I also have the pleasure of working on use cases in the healthcare space (with legend @corey.todaro), financial services (with awesome individuals like @yukikaze @meet @BethSendra @Debbie @Vivek_Srivastava and others), as well as supply chain and anything else that comes up (like aviation! and education!).

I’m curious to hear what use cases most excite you all and why. Looking forward to reading your posts :star_struck:


I like using it to track who owes me a beer ( but my real usecase is showing people how DAML works with this.



I’m trying to sell a startup accelerator on DAML, this is work in progress.

And also trying to leverage its rapid prototyping capabilities as a Trojan horse in projects where we deal with old school people, who have a superficial understanding of “the blockchain” (so, in singular) and prefer household names like Fabric, not because they have made a comparison of several options, but because that’s what they heard of and it fits into their idea of the “chain of blocks” which is easy to understand.

And maybe I can sell the idea of using DAML on Fabric instead of plain Fabric in a project, where the blockchain part plays a very simple notarization role, without any complex transactions, which would be the real deal for DAML.


the startup accelerator on DAML would be really cool @gyorgybalazsi!

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This is awesome! I have seen lots of your posts on Slack and have always been interested in what you were working on :grin:

Interested in hearing more about your thoughts on DAML for government regulation if you’re open to sharing!


@talia.klein, @gyorgybalazsi is an amazing DAML community member!

He is working on the DALM financial libraries and really looking forward to those posts too.

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The main point is which government we are speaking about.

In the EU and in some EU member states there is a process called “pre-commercial public procurement”, which is for purchasing R&D and innovative solutions. This is a collection of successful use cases:

The basic idea is that governments don’t have the own expertise and resources to define exactly the solutions they want to implement, so they involve potential vendors already in the problem exploration and solution definition phase in a transparent manner. This happens like a funnel process, where competing vendors can inspire each other and may even merge their offerings by the end of the process.

I think a so innovation solution like DAML which is breaking a lot of conventions and at the same time is a very good tool for rapid prototyping would be a good fit for this process.


That’s really interesting @gyorgybalazsi! I am actually currently getting my MBA part time and there are a number of folks who work in government agencies. We’ve spent a lot of time talking about the technology used by the government and the reliance on vendors. I know @corey.todaro has some experience in this space as well. I hope your solution will improve the current process! We certainly could use it in the US :slight_smile: