New open source release: DAML on Fabric 2.0 - with DAML SDK 1.0+ support!

Hi DAMLers,

I’m delighted to announce a major new version of our open source DAML on Fabric integration, available here: GitHub - digital-asset/daml-on-fabric

There are three headline improvements:

  • Support for Fabric 2.x
  • Support for DAML SDK 1.x
  • Support for ledger authentication

And numerous other performance, usability, and code enhancements. You’ll find the new version significantly easier to deploy and use and we hope you enjoy it.

When it’s time to take your app to production, you’ll be able to get commercial support under enterprise SLAs from our friends at IntellectEU, with more partners coming soon.

Many of you have reached out to us to ask about DAML on Fabric and we’ll be contacting you individually over the next few days.

Keep an eye out for the forthcoming DAML release too - featuring a live in-browser example of DAML on Fabric.

Finally, credit to Digital Asset’s @sormeter for leading the engineering effort!



Fantastic work @sormeter, @Tim and anyone else involved in this! Very excited to finally see this released!


Great job @Tim @sormeter and team! :muscle:


Can’t wait to give with a spin with my next app.


Great, thanks!

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I’m trying to run the QuickStart example on DAML on Fabric as per the instructions in the README file, but for this command:

sbt "run --port 6865 --role provision,time,ledger,explorer ./quickstart/.daml/dist/quickstart-0.0.1.dar"

I get the following error message:

[error] (run-main-0) com.daml.FabricContextException: response {
[error] status: 500
[error] message: “make sure the chaincode daml_on_fabric has been successfully defined on channel mainchannel and try again: chaincode daml_on_fabric not found”
[error] }

What do I do wrongly?

(Apart from this, am I right to think that some references are not correct in the README file?

I think in section Step 2. Extract and build Quick Start project

$ cd ~/quickstart/

should be

$ cd ~/daml-on-fabric/quickstart

because the quickstart package was downloaded within the daml-on-fabric folder.)

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I’m actually encountering a similar issue on a new system (works fine on my old system). Opened the issue here, hopefully we can get it resolved soon:

You might want to open a separate issue for this one though.

Also cc @sormeter @Tim

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I have just found the DAML on Fabric architecture doc on Github, start reading, I hope it will help: daml-on-fabric/DAML_on_Fabric_v2_Architecture.pdf at c6d08d2b21e0eaefe143a60f2c5467f7e3daa404 · digital-asset/daml-on-fabric · GitHub

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@gyorgybalazsi have a look at the issue. I explained the issue and link to a PR that fixes it. It’s a two-line fix so you can apply it yourself to get unblocked.

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Thanks, @bernhard, I have modified the network name to damlonfabric in the script and in the peer-base.yaml file, and get the same error as before.

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What a shame. Could you cross-check your versions with those listed in the daml-on-fabric readme?

  • docker-compose version 1.24.0
  • docker CE version 18.09.6
  • Java / JDK version 1.8.0.x
  • Scala version 2.12.11
  • SBT version 1.2.8
  • Fabric SDK Java version 2.1.0
  • Fabric version 2.1.0
  • DAML SDK version 1.2.0-snapshot-
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Did you know you can fetch/checkout PRs locally?

So in this case it’d be

git fetch pull/17/head:fix-networking-issue
git checkout fix-networking-issue

I have slightly fresher versions of everything, I am an amateur so update only when I want to try something, but than to the latest version…

docker-compose 1.25.5 (latest Docker desktop for Mac)
docker 19.03.8 (same) - that’s higher that stated in the README

I can see on Github that SBT 1.3.10 will be supported soon, so my 1.3.12 should be ok, I guess.

Scala version is set in a script, Fabric, DAML version ok

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Unfortunately the same, I continue to dig in the logs hoping I get some meaningful trace.

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@gyorgybalazsi you are facing a different issue. Could you post the entire console output of both and sbt ...?

Cannot post here, not authorized file format, sent to you by email.

You can also paste output as text and enclose it in ``` like in the below:

    output here

This would then render like:

output here

Sadly, it’s too long, for the restart Fabric log it says:

Body is limited to 64000 characters; you entered 445844.

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