Let's do a small event!

:bangbang: We were thinking of putting together something fun :partying_face: that is not DAML-related. Please give us your thoughts and ideas here. Some potential ideas below.

  • A spot-the-bug competition, maybe in smart contract languages, maybe in general.
  • A chat between someone in a leadership role in Digital Asset and an external guest. But again we want it to be a change of pace and something fun or interesting that’s not DAML-related.

A smart-contract themed joke competition? I’m sure the jokes would be a digital asset to the company :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


ouch Phoebe.

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+1 to joke competition

Other ideas (from the gf):

  • A DJ, maybe in collaboration with DA Radio? (cc @jennifer)
  • A magician
  • A bartender showing us how to make drinks with what we have at home

Also should probably cc @Yuval since this was his idea originally

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+1 to joke competition :upside_down_face:

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