Announcing the DAML Community Recognition Ceremony

EDIT: See the winners of DAML Community Recognition Ceremony #0 here!

DAML’s community is really starting to shine and it’s about time we start recognizing those community members who go above and beyond when contributing to DAML, helping out their fellow users on the forum, making Pull Requests, writing guides, tutorials, blogs, and every other way you’ve all found to contribute to making DAML enjoyable.

So we’ve discussed a bit and decided that every quarter we will have a community recognition ceremony where you can nominate users and then we can pick one or two people from those nominations to recognize and reward (with some really sweet thank you gifts).

I think for this first one we should keep it simple and we can expand it and increase nominations and voting as our fledgling community grows:

  1. For the next week (until Wednesday the 24th) post your nominations in this thread below (make sure to @ the users you’re nominating)
    a. If you want to nominate someone anonymously then send me a private message on the forum.

  2. If someone already nominated your pick feel free to nominate them a second time, this will help us know who the top picks are

  3. The community team will deliberate internally and pick 1 or 2 winners. In subsequent ceremonies this could also be a community vote.

  4. Rewards will be your own custom-made bobblehead, some DAML swag (t-shirt or hoodie), and mentions in a variety of our comms (DAML Driven, Twitter, and internal comms to all of DA’s employees)



I nominate @georg for doing an incredibly job at answering complicated questions super quickly and in a ton of detail and for just being a very cool guy in general :tada:


Hereby nominating @gyorgybalazsi !


How do I nominate someone not on the forum?

You can just mention them and link to some of the things they’ve done. Also worth inviting them to the forum if possible :slightly_smiling_face:

Aww, right back at ya! I’m nominating @cocreature for his tireless efforts in helping out the community. There’s simply no question that he doesn’t have an answer for and his explanations are always to the point and easy to understand.

And then I’m also nominating @gyorgybalazsi for being a great community member - I always enjoy your content!



I nominate every member of the DAML team, because you guys are super helpful, and always answer questions very quickly and clearly, especially:

@andreolf and @anthony for helping me with blog posts, and

@bernhard, @cocreature, @georg, @sormeter and @stefanobaghino-da for technical help with DAML.

I’m sure I forgot to mention somebody, will make up for it next time.


:wave: I nominate @jamesljaworski85 He is a very active member asking questions and contributing to the DAML community

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:wave: I nominate @gyorgybalazsi Always writing awesome articles and post about DAML.

I am always impressed by your drive! :wink:


I’m nominating two people from DA and two external users:

  • @cocreature for being an extremely prolific contributor to DAML and both our main community channels
  • @georg for the amazing contributions made so far to the forum, as well as his internal contributions, trying as much as he can to raise the bar and make us deliver a good product
  • @gyorgybalazsi for being an incredibly active user, raising constructive suggestions and being active in our community at least since DAML went open-source (in particular, it was great to have him on our blog)
  • @yukikaze for being an engaged and active user that always provided constructive suggestions (I really liked his blog post on upgrading DAML applications)

Happy to nominate @hrishikeshnashikkar (who isn’t on the forum yet, I believe!) but is a true friend and supporter of the DAML community, providing constructive feedback over the past two years across companies and industries.


And @kenkonecki also not on the forum yet, but one of the earliest self sufficient external DAML users, who is using the power of DAML for sustainable finance and kept the DA offices running on gummy bears for many months (@rps can attest!)


@stefanobaghino-da you beat me to nominating @yukikaze

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