DAML Community Recognition Ceremony #0

We received quite a few nominations for our new quarterly recognition ceremony and after lengthy deliberation we’ve picked two winners of our first ceremony. Congratulations @yukikaze and @gyorgybalazsi. I think @stefanobaghino-da gave the best reasonings so I’m going to expand on those:

@gyorgybalazsi for being an incredibly active user, raising constructive suggestions, and contributing many DAML-focused blog posts. Most importantly though Gyorgy’s enthusiasm for DAML shines through in his writing and his eagerness to contribute and for that we’re very thankful to have him around.

@yukikaze for being an engaged and active user that always provided constructive suggestions and providing a great blog post on upgrading DAML applications. Perhaps the most enthusiastic member of our forum he went out of his way to introduce himself, and made sure we knew exactly how committed he is to creating the perfect keyboard.

You’ll both receive the following rewards:

  • Your own custom bobblehead (DM me a photo of yourself, an address to send it to, and be prepared for follow-ups since this is my first time ordering custom bobbleheads)
  • A limited edition DAML hoodie

We’ll also be mentioning this on Twitter, LinkedIn, internally, and the like.


Congrats @gyorgybalazsi and @yukikaze! :muscle: thanks for being such an inspiration and bringing great energy to the DAML community


Congrats to you both! Well deserved, we’re lucky to have you in our community!


Congrats @gyorgybalazsi and @yukikaze! Well done :slight_smile:


Thank you both so much for your energy and engagement, both here in the forum as well as with DAML more broadly. DAML and the DAML community would not be the same without you @gyorgybalazsi @yukikaze. :heart:


Congratulations to both of you! I think it’s amazing that you’re so inspired by DAML, and I know that personally, reading your blog posts, you’ve inspired me to work harder on our runtime as a result. :grin:


Well deserved, thanks for your contributions and your enthusiasm!


Congratulations @yukikaze and @gyorgybalazsi!! Very well deserved, and thank you very much! I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys are going to publish / create / write next :slight_smile:


Thank you for you all, and congratulations to @yukikaze!

Those people who have been knowing me for a while know that I don’t easily get excited for new things, but DAML and you guys who develop it are so awesome that I couldn’t help but embrace it.

It’s a quantum leap in implementing business applications compared to everything I was working with so far, and addresses the single most important aspect of every IT project, the alignment of business and technology.

I can already leverage DAML’s rapid prototyping capabilities in my projects, but my aim is to bring to the market DAML driven production solutions as soon as possible. There are some preconceptions among customers which favour some other well known names, but I’m sure with your help we will achieve soon a breakthrough!