Daml Community Recognition Ceremony #3

It’s time to start nominating for the FOURTH edition of our community recognition ceremony. I’ve seen tons of new activity from faces both new and old so I’m expecting some extra good nominations this quarter :slight_smile:

Post in the comments down below who you think has gone above and beyond in working with, supporting, and advocating for Daml in whatever way they have.

Rules as always are below.

  1. For the next 2-ish weeks (until March 26th) post your nominations in this thread below.
  2. Make sure to @ the users you’re nominating
  3. If someone already nominated your pick feel free to nominate them a second time, this will help us know who the top picks are
  4. The devrel team will deliberate internally and pick 1 or 2 winners.

Rewards for winners will be their own custom bobblehead (check out György’s and Bart’s), some Daml swag (t-shirt or hoodie), and we’ll talk about how great our winners are (they are great after all) in our comms (Daml Driven, Twitter, and internal comms to all of DA’s employees)

So nominate down below :point_down:

I nominate @kctam .

Loved the Fix My Bike write up


I’ll nominate @quidagis . Although he’s signed up on the forum only a short time ago he has made a disproportionate (but quality) number of questions and comments, both on the forum and other social media. As evidenced by his forum badges! We suspected he was a :robot: bot at first :laughing: .


Thank you for the nomination, you are too kind :bowing_man:t2:

Given the state of the world recently, to be suspected of being non-Human is a compliment.

However I confess, I am but a mere mortal :laughing:

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I second the motion, that write-up was excellent :clap:t2:

… of @kctam to be clear.

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I nominate @fabio.tudone for his property rental blog post, which has was highlighted several times as a highly accessible introduction.


I would also like to nominate @quidagis for his enthusiasm and the many contributions he already made through the forum to the community. Way to go!


I nominate @Gary_Verhaegen . Not only has he consistently provided the best solutions to every question I have asked but he has been tireless in going out of his way to help me move forward with my project. I’m astounded by his replies every single time. It’s always extra mile and I love it. This man has made the single greatest contribution to my understanding of DAML.


I would also like to nominate @anthony for providing constant moral support through likes and encouraging responses.