Daml Community Recognition Ceremony #4!

It’s time to start nominating for the FIFTH edition of our community recognition ceremony (we started counting from 0). We’ve got quite a lot of new members since then so looking forward to these nominations :slight_smile:

Post in the comments down below who you think has gone above and beyond in working with Daml, asking really good questions, supporting other users, and advocating for Daml.

Rules as always are below.

  1. For the next 2-ish weeks (until June 25th) post your nominations in this thread below.
  2. Make sure to @ the users you’re nominating
  3. If someone already nominated your pick feel free to nominate them a second time, this will help us know who the top picks are
  4. We’ll deliberate and pick 1 or 2 winners.

Rewards for winners will be their own custom bobblehead (check out György’s and Bart’s), some Daml swag (t-shirt or hoodie) , and we’ll talk about how great our winners are (they are great after all) in our comms (Daml Driven, Twitter, and internal comms to all of DA’s employees)

So nominate down below :point_down:


I nominate @Frankie . As many here may have noticed, our Forum turned one recently. :baby: :birthday: :heart:
So I (ab)used my moderator status to snoop some all-time stats and see who I think deserves a “lifetime achievement award”.
I’m blown away by the consistency with which Frankie has followed and participated in our forums and contributed quality topics. Thank you!


Thanks @bernhard … I am really thrilled. :slight_smile:

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I always enjoy answering @Frankie’s posts on the forum, he’s always asking interesting questions that highlight his interest in getting an in-depth understanding of the entire Daml stack.

I second your nomination for @Frankie. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @stefanobaghino-da. What you said was really encouraging to me.

I turned to Daml in 2019 and it was a fantastic journey. There are so many passionate people here working so hard to solve the technical challenges in blockchain and general IT area. I really learnt a lot here. :+1:


I nominate @Frankie as #1, @Gary_Verhaegen as #2

@Frankie for the reasons stated above and @Gary_Verhaegen for his ongoing and thorough support in channel for Questions, Tutorials and general helpfulnessness :grinning:

… although by that mark, I now also nominate @cocreature @bernhard @anthony