Interactive Getting Started Guide Part 1

We have a new interactive getting started guide that has an entire DAML environment that you can run from your browser. Check it out here: Learn DAML

Feedback welcome!


Where should users give feedback?

In the meantime, for lack of a better place:

0/ Awesome WebIDE and Getting Started experience! Kudos!

1/ Is there a way to prefetch packages in order to speed up the yarn install phase?

2/ I think at some point around steps 2-4 it would make sense to do an ls step and explain a few words about the library structure, to make it slightly less “magic”

3/ In step 5 when you add DANGEROUSLY_DISABLE_HOST_CHECK=true to .env I think it’s worth an explanation what this is. Otherwise this seems like an odd config to put in with no explanation

4/ When I try to follow someone I’m already following, I get a very ugly error (raw from the Ledger API). I recommend making the error message prettier or at a minimum remove the UI button to follow someone I’m already following

5/ I recommend adding a feedback button in the flow of the GSG in order to capture peoples’ raw feedback as they have it (less friction than coming here to post feedback)

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I think the forum is a great place to give feedback if it’s not on GitHub. Keeps a nice history of suggestions so discussion can happen over time, it’s easily searchable (discourse search is actually quite good), and we can do polls on changes (example)

I went through the getting started guide, and the experience was pretty seamless. Well done.
I must say though, that all the setup for the particular environment was confusing and the general impression was that it is more complicated than it needs to be.

Is there a way to for example put all the environment specific things into a script that the user then needs to run? So it’s only one thing that has little to do with the actual GSG?
Or if you guys see a way to completely hide this setup, I think that would be worthwhile.

Other than that, really well done.

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Thnx for the feedback @Shaul and @Darko! Much appreciated really :grinning:

Cc: @bernhard

Current GSG also served the purpose for Robin and me to see how certain things are done in Katacoda. In the “Your first feature” scenario all the environment settings are hidden, however yarn install stayed as it’s part of the local setup anyway (if you would run this step locally).

Some things don’t work in Katacoda, e.g., copying the code into an exact place in the file, opening the IDE by default when a scenario starts etc.

We’ll revise the GSG’s first step soon and we’ll definitely try to add scenario feedback functionality (it might not be yet available in Katacoda).

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Cool, thanks @royarnold, any specific scenario you liked?

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