Starting with DAML (& III)

Just completed the third part of the Getting Started Guide…!!!


That was quick. Congratulations!

As others said on the first two threads, we’re here to help if you have any question on Daml and how (and when) to use it.

We also welcome feedback on these guides you just went through, so please don’t hesitate on that front either if you have any suggestion for improving them.

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Congrats @Peliki !

I too have completed Getting Started Guide, Part Three.

Looking at the image above, the tutorial did not display that final message, about posting the screenshot to the forum for the final 3/3 badge. I had expanded one of the images about Deployment to get a better view, and once the image was expanded, I was unable to reduce it, so the rest of the tutorial and the Katacoda Terminal were obscured.

In addition to that, this was the second time that I had gone through the tutorial. The first time when I got to the Project DABL Login stage, I did that, however I made a Project name using ‘term_term_term’, which did not submit. So I sat there for a few minutes before it occurred to me that Special Characters meant completely no non-AlphaNum characters :fearful:

By which time, the Katacoda Terminal had timed out. Perhaps instead of a ‘no special characters’ warning which implies that everyone knows what a special character is (My bad), how about an explicit message like ‘Only Upper/Lower case Alpha-Numeric characters are allowed’?

Regardless, that was fun, and far easier than I expected.

Project DABL Interface:

Project DABL Ledger Login: