Starting with DAML (II)

Just completed the second part of the Getting Started Guide…!!!


That’s very nice, @Peliki. Welcome to the forum, by the way.

Do you have a project on your mind that you would like to develop with Daml?


Not at the moment.
By now, I just want to learn. But I will try to put everything in practice later on in a sample project.


That’s nice to hear. Feel free to come back here whenever you have doubts. Hopefully the documentation should be good enough, but this is a good place to come ask questions. Happy Daml’ing! :smiley:


I too have completed Getting Started Guide, Part Two :joy:

Reviewing the 2 parts so far, the only feedback I have, is that near the end of Part 2 when there was a requirement for the Server & UI to be running, the demand for $user_action was unclear.

I had to backtrack to work out what the current disposition of the Daml services, if any, was. Perhaps in each part, state at the beginning that ‘To work through this section, the Server & UI services need to be running/not running’ or something like that?

Other than that, I was able to work through it without too much chagrin. What the actual Daml code really means … at this time, I have no idea :grimacing:

… but this is a work-in-progress.

UI User Display:

Daml NPM Server: