Daml Basics

Actually I want to start to learn daml

Don’t know where to start and what to learn

I am php developer with JS skills

Here where to use to DAML code in real time application ?

is that DAML db required ?

Is DAML only have interact with API or direct ?

Is DAML run in which server and host in own server ?

Is DAML app only develop in react ?

Where I we can see the daml contract datas in realtime app to monitor ?

Is DAML have any course to learn complete things ?

I want to learn from scratch of DAML like fundamentals, syntax and everything ?

Still I am looping with DAML for 2 weeks. dont know what to do further on this just complied in local system that from the getting started

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Hi @Karthi_Palani :wave:

  1. Start by watching the Daml 101 video series and go over at least the first three. Also read the Why Daml? page
  2. Take a look at the overall architecture of a Daml application. This might clear up some things regarding what’s needed
  3. Take the free Introduction to Daml course - a quick-start course that walks you through the main concepts
  4. While taking the Introduction to Daml course pay attention to the section of the docs that are referenced in it for more details. The Introduction to Daml section of the docs covers the basics of Daml syntax and concepts, but there are more that are referenced
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