NEW TO DAML ,How can I start my day?

Hi Dev , I am React Front End Developer this tech stack of JS ,NodeJS ,React .
I am new to DAML ,So how can start learning the things easily. I have referred YouTube guide named “DAML 101” .It helps me to start. Please share your thoughts …

Your thought are valuable for my journey.

Hi @akshayvchavh happy to hear you’re starting Daml!
Another great starting point is Getting Started with Daml — Daml SDK 2.5.3 documentation

If you follow through the steps, it will help you get a good sense of how to interact with the Daml contracts, especially if you have experience with React already.

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Another great way is Daml fullstack training course.

It will walk you end to end through a sample NFT application build plus give you some great pointers