Interactive Getting Started Guide Part 3 and testing DAML models with scenarios tutorials

Mod note: As of SDK 1.5.0 Scenarios have been superseded by the more powerful Daml Script. We now recommend using that for all purposes. For more information, and to learn how to use Script please check out @Andreas’ post on our blog.

We’ve added two new interactive tutorials to the platform:

More to come in the coming weeks :slight_smile:


Hi @nemanja in relation to the two new interactive tutorials mentioned above, the second link does not resolve to the intended tutorial :frowning_face:

Link => Learn Damlsmart contract Language - Interactive Learning Tutorials
Result => ‘Scenario not found. Please check your embedding code configuration.’

For your information.

Regards, QA.

Thnx for letting me know! I’m away atm and will check the issue qhen I get back.



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Just updated the link @quidagis, thnx for reporting the issue :slight_smile: