Tighter integration between Discuss and GitHub?

Do we want tighter integration between the forum and GitHub? User Levels 1+ please vote here.

We have access to the features that this plugin provides, namely:

  • GitHub Linkback: If someone mentions a PR/Commit here then have a bot automatically make a comment including a link to the Discuss thread as a comment in the respective PR/Commit
  • GitHub Badges: Allows for automatic badges based on contributions to repos

Both of the above are able to be limited to specific orgs/repos.

  • Yes to both
  • Linkback only
  • Badges only
  • Neither

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Added GitHub integration, you’ll now see the user discuss-daml make comments in PRs and commits on GitHub if you reference them here.

Badges are also enabled so if you have enough commits to digital-asset/daml you should get badges but I’m not sure how it ties together users yet (maybe email) so we’ll see if it works :slight_smile:

EDIT: Looks like it does email and screenname matching so hopefully this works out well enough.

Does this have any impact on some people not being able to include GitHub URLs at all? I’m trying to create a separate topic with some GitHub links and am getting an error: “Sorry you cannot post a link to that host.”

You got flagged by an anti-spam measure because you’re a new user posting too many links to github too fast. You should be all good to go now.

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