Request for Help with Github Pages

Aside: Excellent, I now can create TAGS for my posts, thank you :+1:t2:

I have been trying for the past week, on & off, to setup a simple Jekyll-based Github Pages site so I can share more tutorials, and experiments using Daml REPL etc, however I have failed.

I have followed the documents from the Github Pages site re Jekyll, the docs at the Jekyllrb site, The Programming Historian re the same … fail.

The closest I have got is the home page being served at: and even then none of the sub-directories or links would work, while on the Local ‘bundle exec jekyll server’ version, it works as per spec.

I am only asking here as I would assume that many Damlers are Github competent while I am but a learner. Just after some tips or guidance as to how to do this successfully.

Also I have raised a support ticket with Github, and I will continue to RTM :no_mouth:

@cocreature Thanks for the reclassification :+1:t2:

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Solved. Apparently there was a mismatch between my User account name and desired Github Pages repository name.
Thank you Github Support :+1:t2: :clap:t2:


Glad you got it fixed but let’s keep this section for questions related to using Daml.

Looking forward to seeing your completed site and the guides.

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