It seems that the Daml UI Template's Daml Hub login implementation is outdated

When I upload the Daml UI Template on Daml Hub, and try to use the “LOGIN WITH DABL” button on the login page, I get the following error:

The reason for this must be that the login link changed on Daml Hub, and the UI Template code wasn’t updated.

According to the Daml Hub docs, the login button URL should be the following:

Hi @gyorgybalazsi ,

Indeed, the template needs to be updated for compatibility with the new Daml Hub domains. Until then, it should still work from its legacy domain (located under Ledger Settings > Subdomains). The domain may need to be re-enabled if it’s not already

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Unfortunately it’s not working:

Isn’t the old subdomain deprecated already?

It looks like the site was slow to come up, but is loading for me now: try giving it a refresh


Thanks, now it works

Hi @gyorgybalazsi … we decided to extend the deprecation period here since we’ve discovered people are still relying on the old domain, including, unfortunately, some of our own examples. :man_facepalming:

We’ll have more to say about this over the next few weeks, including an exact date where the domain will be shut down, but for now I’m glad you’re able to get up and running!

We’ll also be fixing the template, so thank you very much for bringing that to our attention!


Yes, thank you for your help!

Can I have the badge for spotting this bug?

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