Able to Login But Automatically Switch Back to Login Page

Dear Community Support,

I registered yesterday and got my Account Verification - Verified. However, when I log in, the page lands on the Terms and Conditions but then it automatically switches back to the Login page (without me doing anything).

Is it because Daml Hub does not accept email login from Free Providers such as Gmail? Outlook?

Please help, thanks.

Hi @Sim_J ,

We’re looking into this issue - we’ll let you know when it’s been resolved.


Hi @alex.graham,

Thanks so much.



Hi Sim,

Alex was able to run this down and fix it. We released it earlier this morning. You should be able to log in now - apologies for the inconvenience.

Hi @Daniel_Porter,

Thanks so much for your prompt revert.

Yes, I’m able to log in, read, and accept the terms and conditions - also I’m in my Daml Hub Console.

Since I’m new to using this, I saw that there’s a Doc for me to start to use this Daml Console. I would like to ask the following:

  1. For the Create App from Scratch, uploading my own files OR Drag and Drop Files → Can I use this link → Daml Finance Documentation — Daml SDK 2.6.4 documentation?

  2. Since today is Friday, in case I need technical help with my Daml Hub Console be it on Sat or Sun, will there be anyone able to assist? Or is available from Mon-Fri?

Looking forward to your reply. Thanks.

Hey @Sim_J,

I’m glad that you’ve been able to sign into Daml Hub.

For your first question, I believe that you’re asking if Daml Finance works on Daml Hub? Yes, it does.

Regarding your question of support, the Daml Hub free tier comes with community support, so asking questions on the forum here, as you’ve already done. The commitment for a response is the same with any forum so it depends if people are checking and responding on the weekend.

Good luck with your development!

Hi @Dave,

Thanks for your fast reply. Noted and I will ask here and yes, you’re right that depends if the community is checking over the weekend.

Would like to ask if Daml Hub is for testing or is a ready-for-production type?


Daml Hub is great for both use cases - dev/test and for production workloads. Obviously I wouldn’t advocate going into production without a production license which would provide you with 24/7 enterprise support. If you’re interested in an enterprise license then feel free to fill this form in.

Hi @Dave,

Thanks for your reply and for the form as well.