Daml.com/learn - feedback

Hi all,

First of all, the courses are really well done. Thanks for the work on it.
A few small things to fix:

  1. On daml.com/learn if the browser is small enough (or the zoom level large enough) the boxes of the lessons start being cropped - to an extent where you don’t see the “Start” button anymore. Scrolling moves the entire page, but not the boxes individually. See the attached image.

  2. In the lesson where it is shown how an app is deployed on DABL, the UI in the course doesn’t match the UI on DABL.
    When you click on a deployed ledger, the following screen is shown:

    instead of the one as shown in the lesson:

Probably not much of an issue, but this might cause a bit of confusion the way it is right now.

Paging @nemanja & @drsk :slight_smile:



Thnx for the info @Darko :slight_smile:

  1. daml.com/learn is an embedded iFrame, so we’re battling some issues when it comes to 1) making the page not look empty and 2) making sure that “Start” buttons are available on the page

  2. @dliakakos wrote this excellent “Deploy to project:DABL” scenario. @dliakakos would you be up for updating the screenshot?


thanks for spotting this. Will update screenshots to the new UX