User Rewards

This forum has been growing by leaps and bounds thanks to the efforts of all of you. Without your questions, answers, guides, news, and everything else you post here we would not have a forum.

To show our thanks we are going to be offering thank you rewards to those who reach user levels 2 (DAML’r), 3 (Seasoned DAML’r), and 4 (Top DAML’r). Check this post for details on rewards and ideas how to contribute if you don’t already.

First 100 DAMLr’s

You’ll get your own custom pixelized avatar. Some users already have one :slight_smile:

First 20 Seasoned DAMLr’s

We have a whole grab bag of items we’re picking from including desk toys, gadgets, and books. Plus everyone gets a t-shirt.

First 5 Top DAMLr’s

Some seriously cool things. You’ll just have to find out.