Next in my DAML Masterclass series: Full-stack developer happiness with DAML and Elm

You can use any UI framework with your DAML driven application. But if you love DAML for its elegance, safety and business friendliness, I’m almost certain you will love Elm for the same reasons.


This is really cool. I’m a big fan of Elm and I can see it working really well in tandem with DAML thanks to its similar syntax and mindset.

Great write-up!


Did you also write applications with this combo?

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No, unfortunately not yet. I’d like to try though.

I’ve had some success writing applications with Haskell and Elm; while you can’t quite share code, at least it feels similar enough that I found it much easier to keep the front-end and back-end in sync. It’s pretty easy to eyeball a server-side data definition and a client-side JSON decoder and ensure they mention the same fields, for example.


I was also fascinated by the fact that at a Canadian university, MacMaster, professor Anand teaches kids coding and maths using Elm.

@MatthiasSchmalz you were asking about teaching UI programming …