For functional programming buffs: the Elm UI language, maybe good fit for DAML?

I have started to learn the Elm functional UI language, which has a quite similar syntax to DAML, due to the common Haskell roots:

So far I’m just enjoying that the basic concepts are familiar from DAML, but maybe at a deeper level can be made a connection so that DAML data types and functions can be re-used in Elm?

What do you think? Has any of you any experience with the DAML vs Elm combo?


I remember discussing this with @Sofia_Faro. She is also of the opinion that Elm would be a good fit and has suggested a UI framework for DAML in that style.

I don’t doubt the elegance of such a solution, but it’s too much of a research field trip for my taste at this point, and new users already have plenty of new concepts to learn with DAML. My fear is that also trying to innovate on the UI front would be too much at once.


I fully agree with @bernhard here. I don’t think DAML is special when it comes to UI requirements so rather than trying to innovate here we should allow users to use whatever they’re already comfortable with and focus on DAML’s strengths. For some people that might be Elm but at this point, the React ecosystem is hard to beat so that’s currently where we focus our development efforts.

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Yes, that makes sense

I hope that @bernhardand and @cocreature 's responses don’t discourage you from writing versions of our js libraries suitable for Elm ! I think that it would be a great community contribution.


Yes, that’s exactly what I intend to do


If you do get started on code generation for Elm, let me know and I’d be happy to chip in. I’m also a fan. :grinning:

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I will when I get there, currently I’m learning the basics

Is there any news on this @gyorgybalazsi or @SamirTalwar ? I currently develop in Elm and I am interested in developing DAML apps with elm as a frontend language.

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See my blog post on the topic: Next in my DAML Masterclass series: Full-stack developer happiness with DAML and Elm

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Yes, but there was talk above of creating a library - perhaps like elm-graphql, that would provide deeper integration - you are essentially using DAML as a REST endpoint in your blog post, are you not?

Yes, I didn’t create that library