Query Re the use of Flutter & Dart for App or UI Development

Hi Damlers,

Am asking if there is anyone on the forum who is using or has used within the past year, either of Googles’ UI development tools, Flutter or Dart to make Desktop/Mobile apps or other UIs?

My plan is to use Flutter as a UI for a simple Smart Contract.

Tips, hints or comments welcome.


Would love to hear your experience and if there’s anything we can learn or improve in Daml from that experience.

I have used Flutter but not with DAML which is what I guess you are after.
I actually have a similar question and that is regarding the use of JavaFX for the UI layer.

DAML recommends React as part of its UI stack component but the little that I know is that apparently the gateway is thru a JSON/RPC gateway so perhaps one doesn’t need direct support. Flutter does have a JS integration package i.e. which should allow one to tap into the DAML React libs.

I do like Flutter but for this scenario I would probably in my case prefer to use JavaFX and thus my question is whether the DAML Java bindings are sufficiently complete as the React bindings. For example, is there a full blown ledger API available from the Java bindings that I could therefore tap into from a JavaFX/Groovy UI ?

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Will do. The first goal is to make a Desktop UI that allows the executing of a Linux command. If/when I can do that, I will target the Daml REPL. As I have never used any sort of UI framework before and are slowing working through the Daml_SDK docs, this might take a while.

I have been talking to some UI experts from Flutter and other languages, and the biggest hurdle is ‘what do you want to do’?

Think more on this, I will.

I use Flutter and a GraphQL backend for one of my projects but haven’t tried with a Daml ledger just yet. For a Daml ledger I’d probably try to use the gRPC API (gRPC — Daml SDK 1.11.1 documentation) together with Darts gRPC library (Quick start | Dart | gRPC).

Thank you for the reply, I will read through these links :+1:

The Java gRPC bindings should actually be more complete than the React bindings. There are use-cases you can support through a JavaFX UI that you could not (easily) support with the React bindings.

Easily here means “without implementing your own gRPC <-> HTTP mapping layer”.


that’s very interesting and comforting :slight_smile: , we do like JavaFX quite a bit and even deployment on browsers via JPRO make it even more of a correct approach for us, thanks for the feedback