Which UI stacks DABL supports?

Hi Daml Hub team,

May I know which UI stacks can be deployed in Project DABL ?

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Hi @jaypeeda ,

The key here is that Daml Hub will happily host any static bundle of web assets. (An index.html is all you really need).

Thus, any UI framework that can be built down to a static SPA-style web app can be uploaded to Daml Hub. The UI interacts with the ledger over the HTTP JSON API (see here).

The stack that we recommend is Typescript + React + @daml/react, which is well tested and explored by the sample apps we have. The daml/react library also provides bindings for using the HTTP ledger API here.

Other frameworks (like Angular, Vue, etc) can also work in theory, though there is no prior art that I am aware of with those stacks.

The @daml/ledger NPM library can help work with the ledger API from within any Javascript code.


If one wishes to integrate with something other than React, it would still be wise to incorporate Typescript, @daml/types, @daml/ledger, and the codegen. These don’t depend on React, and significantly simplify interacting with the JSON API, something any UI would have to do.