Does DAML have a connector or libraries for Vue js?

Ed: Split out from DAML support for Azure, Vuejs, Graphql, QLDB & Canton

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DAML does not have special bindings for Vue.js, but @anthony wrote an application with a Vue.js frontend: GitHub - anthonylusardi-da/o_beer: Owe your friends and enemies beers

That example should give a good indication how to go about connecting Vue.js with a DAML Ledger.

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We provide 3 JS libraries and the JS codegen that all work together:

  1. @daml/types This library provides a few common abstractions for serializable types, templates, choices, builtin LF types, …. It does not handle interaction with the ledger.
  2. The JS codegen: Given a DAR, it will generate code written against @daml/types and provide nice interfaces for your specific models.
  3. @daml/ledger This sits on top of @daml/types and handles the actual interaction with the ledger via the JSON API.
  4. @daml/react This sits on top of @daml/ledger and exposes React hooks to interact with the ledger.

If you are using Vue.js, 1-3 are still useful so you don’t start from scratch by any means but obviously the react hooks aren’t going to be useful and you’ll have to use @daml/ledger directly.

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