Kirthi K : Compute Compute Execute! "Hello World!"

Hi All,
I am a founder of a bootstrapping fintech in London. My team and I are currently working on innovating the way capital is utilised in the Insurance ecosystem.
I am a coding novice, a drone enthusiast, a seasoned business architect and an aspiring cook. What a fantastic opportunity to meet new people. It is good to be here.

I’d like to connect with DAML developers, learn and loop them into a couple of projects we are working on. We strongly believe in giving back to the community. Interested? drop me a line. Let’s have a chat about our enterprise purpose.

Enterprise purpose
We rise to the challenge of building a data first, digital, and moral economy - Civitas Fintech


Welcome @kirthi, sounds like an interesting company your starting!


Thanks @drsk. What started as a simple idea became a full fledged project with interest from many stakeholder. Our primary goal is to improve Capital efficiency in Insurance.


Welcome again to the forum @kirthi!


Welcome aboard @kirthi!

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Cheers @nemanja. Its good to be here :smiley: